Privacy Policy

This document known as the Privacy Policy lays out all the pertinent information to those who are concerned about their Personal Identifiable Information (PII). We urge you to read this document so you understand how this information is collected and used online. PII has a separate section in the American privacy law and it pertains to information gained through PII or through other mechanisms to identify a single individual in a given situation.

For all our browsers and customers, it is vital that they continue reading this document. Through this document, they can learn how their information is collected and used online as well as steps are taken to safeguard it against unauthorized attempts.

To make the document more understandable, we have given it a more conversational shape.

When someone visits your blog, app, or the website, what personal information of theirs is collected?

When someone places an order on our website or signs up on our website through the registration form, they are required to enter their name, address, email, phone number, payment details etc. This information is willfully given to us and we collect it for the appropriate reasons only and protect it with best systems available.

Exactly when is the information collected?

The information is collected as soon as an order is placed on our website or when some hits that sign up button after entering all the required details.

How is the collected information used?

The information collected through the registration process, in response to a survey request, or marketing communication, your information is collected and is then used to process your transactions quickly and in an efficient manner.