Due to dead cells from our face to pollutants in our hair, there are a ton of things that lead to germ accumulation inside the pillows. This makes the pillows unhygienic and could lead you feeling down and nauseous throughout the day. This is because the online pillow collection US, they sell is really low quality but there are a lot of ways to counter it but none of them involve any efforts from your end and every one of them involves some care, foresight, and concern involve some diligence on the producers’ side. A pillow’s fate in terms of whether it is going to give you a good sleep and a good health begin on the production line when the producer is choosing the material to make and fill up a pillow. If they use crummy material that is being reused rather than using fresh fabrics, it is likely that the pillow will be a germ heaven. As dangerous to the customers’ health as that is, this is the method that most of our competitors in this industry use. They have little concern for the harm they do to the customers’ health who trust them with their health and money. Their only loyalty lies to themselves to the extent they don’t care that much about their customers.
American Threads Collection, on the other hand, goes to great lengths to ensure that our online pillow collection US material we use is fresh and healthy to be used inside a pillow to make our designer pillow collection in USA. The fabrics, cotton, and everything in between that go into the making of a pillow comes fresh from the market with no history of having been used before for unhygienic purposes or otherwise. Our production processes take into account industry-leading practices to ensure the safety and care of your weary head. We also take care to ensure that they can stay free from germs and pollutants in beds and bed sheets full of germs. So in a way, they are germ repellents and ensure that you stay healthy and have a good nights’ sleep. American Threads Collection offers the best designer pillow collection in USA available in the market.