Microfiber Bed Sheets

One of the most common alternatives to the traditional cotton bed sheets is a microfiber bed sheet. A microfiber bed sheet is a bed sheet that is made of numerous fibers woven very closely together. The most common unit of measurement when it comes to microfibers are called deniers. To qualify as a microfiber, the material has to have a diameter that is less than 1 denier. If the diameter of a material fabric is over 1 denier, it does not qualify as a microfiber so for example, if the diameter of fiber material is 1.25 denier, it qualifies as a silk fiber rather than a microfiber. Due to the precision required to reach a diameter of a fiber of such small measurement, microfibers are made in the lab and do not exist in nature like silk or cotton. Some of the most common materials used to make a microfiber are wood pulp and polyester. Those looking to buy microfiber bed sheets have to be careful about whom they are buying the microfiber bed sheet from since many companies do not sell the products they claim to be selling. Most people who buy microfiber bed sheets think the people they are doing business with online are as honest and trustworthy as themselves, which is a lot of cases can be the furthest thing from the truth.
Even the companies who are somewhat honest about the products do not go to great lengths to ensure the feasibility of the material they use to make their microfiber bed sheets, which results in poor quality and lack of durability. American Threads Collection, on the other hand, sells only the best microfiber sheets online, which has allowed us to become a leading seller of the microfiber bed sheets in the USA. We go to excruciating lengths to ensure that the materials we use are top quality. To make sure our material is top notch, we pay special attention to lab processes that produce our microfiber. Such high standards for years have made us the seller of the best microfiber sheets online.